On 1 June 2018, 21 year-old Gazan paramedic Razan al-Najjar was shot dead at the Gaza/Israeli border whilst tending to injured Palestinian protesters. Each year we honour her memory through the Children of Peace Razan al-Najjar Nurses Bursary Award in partnership with the Palestinian Nurses Association, Gaza.

This year our second Award Ceremony took place on 23 October 2019 at the al Israa University, Gaza where more student nurses received our Bursary.

In a remarkable and moving chain of events, Razan’s mother Sabreen recently gave birth at a Gaza hospital.

And the nurse who cared for her throughout – Ansam – was one of the nurses trained last year through the Bursary. A beautiful symmetry.

We carry out our work for peace and reconciliation without funding from governments or international agencies. Our support comes from the generosity of people around the world, from philanthropists to individual donors. Your support can transform the life of a child of conflict and help to build bridges between communities reaching out for peace.

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Richard Martin FRSA, President & Founder.

This time round we have…


  • Nurses Bursary ceremony.
  • A new Friend and a new Affiliate join us.
  • Interview with Orna Raz.
  • Plus Jesseca’s missive and Footnotes.

#WORLDINTERFAITHHARMONYWEEK Just two weeks to go! First proposed at the #UN General Assembly on 23 September 2010 by H.M. King Abdullah II of #Jordan. Join in at: https://worldinterfaithharmonyweek.com/?mc_cid=4f76d52e12&mc_eid=60852cec58

#FRANCE Israeli annexation plans & its absence of a government are harming Jordan’s relations with #Israel, #Jordanian King Abdullah told France 24. In Strasbourg he will address the EU Parliament this Wednesday & discuss #Iran, #Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Israeli-#Palestinian conflict.

RAMALLAH, West Bank #Palestinian Authority to welcome #Russian President Vladimir #Putin in #Bethlehem Jan. 23. Putin is scheduled to meet with President #Abbas & visit the #ChurchoftheNativity See: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/01/russia-putin-visit-palestine-role-elections-peace-process.html#ixzz6AvjrUtOl

#EGYPT Minister of Tourism & Antiquities, Khaled Anany, reopened on Friday the world famous 650 year old #Jewish synagogue Eliyahu Hanavi in #Alexandria after two years of state funded intensive restoration work. In the 1940s there were 80,000 Jews in the city.

#IRAN 100s of Iranian #students at Shaheed Beheshti University refuse to step on the #US & #Israeli flags amid anti-government marches in the country. Authorities had painted the flags on the main entrance of the uni for students to walk over as a sign of disrespect. (Credit MSF)


“Healing is essential in any conflict resolution.”

Richard Martin

The Nurses Bursary, Gaza

There are new recipients of our award, given by the Palestinian Nursing Association.


Joanna Lumley joins as a Friend

We are delighted to welcome a new, distinguished Friend of Children of Peace.


Sabreen al-Najjar talks to Dalia

In the latest of her despatches, Dalia Al-Najjar conducts an interview.


Voices from Israel

Israeli journalist Jesseca Manville looks at the Israeli elections.


A new group joins us

The Palestinian group SHAMS joins us as an affiliate.


The Interview

Orna Raz talks to Sarah about the work of Israeli affiliate, Women Wage Peace.


Foot Notes

Latest news from the region including the challenge to Netanyahu.



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Children of Peace is a non-partisan children’s charity organization dedicated to building trust, friendship and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children, aged 4 – 17, and their communities. Our aim is to develop a shared spirit via arts, education, health and sports programmes; so future generations might live and work peacefully side-by-side. We believe in working for peace. That’s why we don’t take sides.

“I am encouraged by Children of Peace in their commitment against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. This organisation is taking a step in the right direction by passing down inclusive values to the next generation. … I commend Children of Peace for their work in this area.”

“The Holy Father will remember your intentions in his prayers and he invokes upon you God’s blessings of joy and peace.”

Professor Hassassian said, “It gives me a great honour to support Children of Peace, an organization that works to alleviate the misery of children and which hopes to lay the foundations of reconciliation, harmony and peace by striving to create an environment for coexistence, cohabitation and conviviality between Palestinians and Israelis. I wish them all the success in their noble mission of securing peace for all.”

“As your organization has recognized, children are often overlooked victims of violent conflict, and too few efforts are focused on their particular needs. Generations of Israeli and Palestinian children have grown up with peace as an elusive dream. Supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process requires grassroots reconciliation through the mobilization of non-governmental organizations such as Children of Peace. I wish Children of Peace the best success in all of its endeavors as it continues to grow.”


Princess Gabriele zu Leiningen



Dame Judi Dench

Dr. Sentamu, Archbishop of York

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