The beating heart of our charity is our Coalition of Peace, a network of independent, like-minded groups – CBOs and NGOs.

 Bodies from every continent are affiliated to Children of Peace, but principally in Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and the West Bank.

The Coalition of Peace is now the single, largest peace network across the Middle East.

The Coalition of Peace clearly shows unity of purpose from peace activists and groups across the region. It acts as a voice for the children and platform of change.

In many cases it is an important peace corridor for groups that have had little or no contact before – helping to bring dialogue, contact and instrumental change. All affiliates in the Coalition receive a quarterly issue of the online publication Peace Child which functions as a meeting point for affiliates.

Are a grassroots group, a CBO or NGO working in the region?

And you share our notions of conflict resolution, reconciliation, the protection of children and peaceful co-existence?

Then apply to join the Coalition of Peace.

To do so, you first need to register with us an affiliate. Only affiliates are entitled to be considered for funds or grants by our Grants Committee. See our Funding Guidelines.

To apply for affiliation, simply email our President’s Office at requesting an affiliation with our charity…

  • stating your request.
  • your reason for requesting affiliation.
  • your support for our principles.
  • your organizations name, location.
  • a brief outline of the work you do.
  • confirmation that you adhere to a child protection policy.

Once received, our Compliance Team will process your application. Then they will contact you to take it to the next stage requesting further information on your work, your track record, references and current activities.

Rebuilding Lives

The May 2021 war is over FOR NOW but children's suffering goes on - post traumatic stress, morbidity, nightmares. Children of Peace is set to carry out urgent work with our partners. Please support our #RebuildingLives efforts and help the #childrenofconflict.

Photo credit: Lyle Hastie - Unsplash

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