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Children of Peace inspires worldwide support, for which we are proud. Here is Denise Roudette, a wellbeing and welfare officer. She works with children in a large, inner city primary school in London with 480 pupils, and tells us about her trek across the Jordan desert to raise funds for us.

On the last day of a visit to Israel I bathed in the Dead Sea and longingly wondered when I would return. That was back in 2009.

On the first day of a visit to Jordan in April this year I again bathed in the Dead Sea and looked across at the shores of Israel…

I was now about to embark on a trek across the mountains of the Jordan desert to raise money for Children of Peace…

Since my earlier return from Israel, my heart ached to be able to make a difference in some way to that beautiful and historic land with such rich and diverse cultures of the people who live there.

After an illness towards the end of last year I was spurred into action to regain my fitness and signed up with Dream Challenges, ‘Let’s Trek for Children’ and began training.

I chose to raise funds for Children of Peace because of their fresh approach to conflict resolution in the Middle East. The charity’s aim to build bridges between Palestinian and Israeli children, and so develop a shared spirit through healthcare, sports and cultural projects based in the arts and education that resonates deep in my heart.

I believe that children, given the chance, quite naturally have the presence, creativity and readiness to make friends with each other anywhere in the world and that as adults, we must afford them that opportunity whenever and wherever we can.

Embedding seeds of friendship and building common ground is essential to building trust and understanding between people in order to rebuild cohesive communities step-by-step.

In the words of two young friends of mine…

Equality for all

No more fools

If you wanna make things right

Give us the tools.


Left, right,

Hold your hands tight,

Children are the future,

To make the world bright.

This is vital work that Children of Peace are doing and I can’t help feeling that the future political stability in the region will be informed by the hope we can impart to children growing up there now.

Denise Roudette

Israel from Jordan View to Israel from Jordan

Denise Roudette Petra Cave View from a cave in Petra

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