Our projects try to improve life for disadvantaged children, and generally build trust, peace and friendship between the wider communities.

This is within our ‘region’ which is: Gaza, Israel and the West Bank plus Jordan and Lebanon. 


Affiliates of our Coalition of Peace. Mainly organizations in the ‘region’ (community based, grassroots or non-governmental).

Plus we do work with external groups who are affiliates providing support for recognised organizations within the region.

We’re especially featuring pictures here of two groups we help, Peres Center for Peace and Hand in Hand for Arab Jewish Education.

Hand in Hand for Arab Jewish Education


  • Be from an affiliate member or partner of Children of Peace of at least 24 months standing, and operating in our designated ‘region’.
  • Assist or apply to children or youth aged from 4 to 17 years old.
  • Promote reconciliation between children (Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Assyrians, Bedouins, Circassians, Copts, Druze, Falashas, Maronites, Samaritans and Sufis).
  • Emphasise the value of peaceful co-existence, so that all communities may one day live in harmony, side-by-side.
  • Be shared arts, education, health and sports programmes, especially if they will help alleviate poverty in the process.
  • Backed by clear evidence of prior success in projects and programmes that assist our target groups. These must be projects that are contemporary and highly relevant to the region.
  • Must be from a non-profit organization, licensed as such by their local or national government.
  • Backed by evidence that the project can proceed with or without our funding.


  • Show itself as cost-effective and specific. Your organization’s financial statements must demonstrate low overheads for administrative and fund-raising expenses. The assets of the agency must be sufficient to underwrite the execution and long-term administration of the project.
  • Have other proposed partners who can share financial support for the project if the target funding is not fully met by Children of Peace.
  • Come with certified evidence that the organization adheres to a recognised Child Protection Policy with regard to staff and volunteers.
  • Be from an organization which can demonstrate the absence of discrimination in hiring staff, and providing services with regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability.
  • Be from an organization that can demonstrate a history of credibility and accountability, and an excellent track record of providing service to the community.
  • Be, if successful, subject to on-going monitoring by Children of Peace to assess effectiveness. And if successful, the support provided by Children of Peace must be widely publicised.

Peres Center for Peace


  • Come from longer term affiliates of our Coalition of Peace, with an established track record of commitment to our principles.
  • Build bridges between communities that have had little or no contact before and act as a catalyst for change.
  • Help children and youth who are economically or educationally deprived.
  • Help children and youth who have physical or mental health disabilities.
  • Help children and youth who have experienced bereavement or violence.
  • Will be local and sustainable with potential replicability.
  • Help children and youth from isolated communities speaking only a native language, and currently have little or no contact with either Israeli or Palestinian communities.
  • Community based CBOs and NGOs who currently apply our principles and conflict resolution policies in all their activities and programmes.
  • Benefit the wider community.
  • Does not require an unrealistic level of funding.
  • Have a time scale of between one and two years and can justify needing funding from £2,000 up to £20,000 per annum.


  • Work that has already taken place, but we will consider continuation funding for an existing project which directly benefits the region.
  • Organisations that do not share our aims or objectives or are proscribed by the UN, the Government of the United Kingdom or the European Union.
  • Grants to individuals and scholarships, apart from our Children of Peace Nurses Bursary Gaza (see below).
  • Financial budget deficits. We will not fund projects unless clear evidence is provided to show that the programme or project will function properly through the shared financial support of other funders, or the organization itself should the target funding not be fully met by us.
  • Projects with a specific religious purpose.
  • More than one proposal at a time from the same organization.
  • ‘Needs analysis’ for projects, rather than an actual project.
  • Organisations in demonstrably poor financial health. Failed or failing organizations or groups applying to clear a budget shortfall.
  • Non-affiliates of Children of Peace.

NOTE. You cannot become an affiliate if are a sole trader, profit-making organization, investment scheme, business or employment services, or you serve beneficiaries outside of our region. 

Hand in Hand for Arab Jewish Education


Children of Peace currently supports groups, individuals and organizations in Israel or Palestine through the following grants:

Children of Peace Small Core Fund Grant

Children of Peace is aware of the difficulties facing many small grassroots organizations in Israel and Palestine in sourcing core funding from large international bodies. Core funding can often be the life blood of small local community groups who depend on voluntary assistance. We encourage such groups and will consider small grants to cover operational and running costs for suitable affiliates up to £2,000. They must work closely within our recognised objectives and provide essential assistance that falls within our guidelines.

Razan al-Najjar Nurses Bursary, Gaza

This is an educational grant provided to…

  • Fund the training of one to three Gazan students to train as nurses over two semesters – most likely at the Islamic University Gaza.
  • This will benefit up to three high achieving economically disadvantaged female students to support their educational endeavours and to help the recipient reach a higher level of attainment. The Bursary is in honour of the memory of Razan al-Najjar who died in a tragic shooting incident during the Right to Return protests at the Israeli-Gaza border on 1st June 2018.

  • The Bursary is arranged through a partnership with the Palestinian Nurses Association, Gaza.
  • Students wishing to be considered for the Bursary must apply to the Palestinian Nurses Association between June 1st – July 1st each year.
  • The successful recipients of the Bursary will be chosen by an independent  Selection Panel and will be informed by the PNA by July 30th each year.

Children of Peace Small International Fund Grant

This Fund offers grants of up to GBP5000 to assist groups within or outside the region, dedicated to assisting economically disadvantaged children and youth (aged 4-17) and their communities in Gaza, Israel or the West Bank. Including arts, education, health or sports projects and/or programmes that operate within our notions of peaceful coexistence and the protection of all children regardless of faith, gender or heritage.

President’s Special Award

Affiliate members of the Coalition of Peace can only apply for funding after 24 months have elapsed.

But in special circumstances, including…

  • An emergency or disaster.
  • Or for an unique project in support of disadvantaged or sick children in Israel, Gaza or the West Bank.
  • Or the empowerment of women.

… Affiliate groups can apply for upwards of £5000 (US$6260 approx.). Contact the President’s Team at who will evaluate the project. They will fasttrack a decision to support the project or not, within 14 days of receipt of a full proposal.

Applicants must provide the following information:

  • The proposal.
  • Number and details of beneficiaries.
  • Age range of beneficiaries.
  • Purpose of project.
  • Support team for project.
  • Location of project.
  • International or local organisations involved.
  • Amount requested.
  • Total amount required for project.


peres1 Peres Center for Peace


handh3 Hand in Hand for Arab Jewish Education


peres4 Peres Center for Peace



The Seaside Project 2016



The Seaside Project 2016



Children of Peace receives many hundreds of applications for funding each year. The Trustees ask for your patience, the application process is lengthy. The charity will only consider applications from affiliated organizations or groups who have been part of our Coalition of Peace for at least 24 months by April 1st each year.

Only a limited number of applicants will receive funding each year. But if you do not receive approval for your funding request, you can reapply for a different project in future.

Requests are considered by our Grants Committee each April and must go through a vetting process to ensure full compliance with our stated requirements.

Applicants will also be checked for any contentious links and must comply with international regulations, standards and banking requirements.

The Grant Application process is a two-stage process and tries to be clear.


Those seeking funds are asked to submit a brief letter (One A4 page, no more than 750 words), to:

Richard Martin, President and Founder,

Children Of Peace Head Office,

1st Floor, The Roller Mill, Mill Lane,

Uckfield, East Sussex.


At this first stage, there is no need for a formal application. Although we prefer the letter to be posted, we will accept a formal Stage One Letter by email, sent to Grants Committee at

It should provide a brief statement of the history and mission of the applicant organization, including number of years in operation, other areas of activity, applicant’s qualifications for support, annual operating budget, and previous and current sources of funding.

First Stage application letters must be received between 15th March to 1st April for consideration. Letters received outside of this period will NOT be accepted for processing. Projects must relate to activities planned at least six months on from any First Stage application. 

The applicant must also provide full banker’s references and appropriate information to enable Children of Peace to examine and interpret your financial arrangements, history and probity.

You must provide detailed information on the project that requires our support together with…

  • Its aims and time-frame.
  • Anticipated impact.
  • Evaluation.
  • Project budget.
  • The amount requested from Children of Peace.
  • And amounts requested from other funding sources.

You must demonstrate how your project/programme will support the work of Children of Peace and enhance the lives of the beneficiaries.

Double-check our requirements.

NOTE. We will not review any supplementary materials accompanying your First Stage application letter, such as books, videos, cassettes, DVDs etc. Please do not send any materials beyond those specifically requested by Children of Peace.




If your initial application reaches First Stage Approval, ONLY successful applicants will be contacted. They will be asked to provide more detailed information through a Second Stage Formal Application process.

This entails completing a full Children of Peace Grant Application Request for the Grants Committee.

Where feasible, a meeting or site visit will be arranged. Applicants will be notified as promptly as possible of the Grant Committee’s decisions, subject to the volume or increase in application. The decision by the Grants Committee is final. Only successful applicants will be informed of the outcome of their request. If you do not hear from the Grants Committee by June 15th, you can assume you have been unsuccessful in your bid.


Children of Peace will closely monitor the progress of every programme or project we have funded. We follow rigorous procedures to ensure that our objectives are met and that beneficiaries are supported as required by our principles and aims.

We will evaluate all activities and progress towards your stated outcomes during the life of the grant. This will include requests for regular reports and the requirement of a framework for monitoring your own progress, which must be agreed by us.

Locally, ‘on the ground’ visits and evaluation processes including on financial controls and good governance will be part of this requirement.


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