We celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2015.

“Congratulations on your first ten years.” Dame Judi Dench

“…transformed the lives of many children in the region.” Dame Helen Mirren

“Happy 10th anniversary, and keep up the amazing work.” Dr. Sentamu

“The children are our future.” Sir Patrick Stewart

“My sincerest hopes for the next ten years.” Yotam Ottolenghi

“I am proud to be a Friend of this special charity.” Julia Sawalha


I am proud to be Patron of Children of Peace, who carry out remarkable work in difficult circumstances for the children of conflict. It is so important to help the next generation to find ways of overcoming suspicion and hostility, so that peaceful coexistence and simple friendship with neighbours becomes a part of everyday life.

Dame Judi Dench

Patron of Children of Peace

There is no better example for the use of the phrase… “The children are our future.” than Israel, Gaza, The West Bank and all the Occupied Territories. If the hatred, fear and persecution can be removed from the children’s lives, then with time the future of Palestinians and Israelis might be peaceful, trusting and secure.”

Sir Patrick Stewart

Friend of Children of Peace

Having grown up in Israel, I know how important it is to overcome intolerance and mistrust through friendship and daily contact. Congratulations on this momentous occasion and my sincerest hopes for the next ten years.

Yotam Ottolenghi

Friend of Children of Peace

I wholeheartedly support Children of Peace  that works with both sides of the Israeli – Palestine situation. I am convinced that, if more people involved on both sides think more for the inner peace of future generations and built their strategies and idealism accordingly, peace really has a chance! I wish Children of Peace much success in their wonderful work to reach this aim.

Maestro Zubin Mehta

Friend of Children of Peace

I give thanks for the advocacy work of Children of Peace as Patron of this charity. Your mission is vital and the worldwide support you receive is testimony to the importance of the work you do in seeking peace and in building friendships. Happy 10th Anniversary and keep up the amazing work you are doing!

Dr Sentamu, Archbishop of York

Patron of Children of Peace

I am proud to have been one the original Friends of Children of Peace and to be able to congratulate you all for your work in building peace and protecting the children of conflict over the last ten years. You have transformed the lives of many children in the region.

Dame Helen Mirren

Friend of Children of Peace, (photo: Trevor Leighton)

There can be no more important task than to bring peace to the world of children. It is so uplifting to know that Children of Peace has transformed the lives of so many. I am proud to be a Friend of this special charity and look forward to being a part of the next ten years.

Julia Sawalha

Friend of Children of Peace

Children of Peace and its guiding force Richard Martin, are creating a fundamentally important architecture that allows future generations of Israelis and Palestinians an opportunity, if not the right, to build peaceful relations with each other. There can be no more important endeavor on Earth than to give this hope for peace and prosperity to children who have known nothing but war and destruction from birth.

Mansoor & Valerie Ijaz

Goodwill Ambassadors


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Princess Gabriele zu Leiningen



Dame Judi Dench

Dr. Sentamu, Archbishop of York

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