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Children of Peace seeks to protect all of the children and their communities in Israel and Palestine - regardless of culture, faith, gender or heritage.

We do this by acting as a non partisan intermediary and by focusing upon building alliances with like-minded organisations in the Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and the West Bank to establish projects and programmes in the arts, education, health and sports for Israeli and Palestinian children, aged 4 - 17. As a grant making agency we will only fund projects with organisations who have been accepted as affiliates or Preferred Partners and are part of our network of like-minded organisations - the Coalition of Peace.

Affiliates within the Coalition of Peace must share our principles of the protection of all children, conflict resolution, peaceful co-existence, co-operation between communities and respect for the faith, heritage, history and values of each community in the Middle East.

Palestinian and Israeli children are paying a heavy and disproportionate price for the regional conflict - those who are not killed or injured live in a chronic state of anxiety, both about the present situation and what the future holds.

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"Children, the
forgotten victims
of the conflict"

Please make a positive
difference to the children’s
lives and to build peace.

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