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Children of Peace is proud to announce that AJEEC-NISPED has affiliated to our Coalition of Peace - now the single, largest peace network across the Middle East.


"Founded in 1998, AJEEC-NISPED is an Arab-Jewish organisation based in Israel's Negev, dedicated to strengthening active citizenship through education and economic empowerment. Since the organisation's inception our local, regional, and international projects have been changing the lives of thousands of participants by promoting equitable democratic societies for communities in transition.

AJEEC-NISPED (the Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation - Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development) works towards creating equal, inclusive, and flourishing societies. Our programming includes an array of strategies including economic development through the formation of cooperatives and social enterprises, volunteerism, quality early childhood education, health promotion, and shared society partnerships.


Fifteen years after our creation, we are now the largest and most experienced social change organisation in southern Israel. Operating with 140 employees and more than 1,000 Arab Bedouin and Jewish youth volunteers, our diverse projects benefit a third of the Negev's Arab Bedouin community of 200,000 as well as an increasing number of the region's Jewish residents.

Celebrating more than a decade of social action and active citizenship initiatives, the Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center is AJEEC-NISPED's flagship youth community involvement program. Known by its nickname The Tent, it serves as a locus for Arab-Jewish partnership, strengthening communal responsibility. With its primary focus on youth and children at risk, the Tent's programmes benefit 10,000 people in the recognised and unrecognised Bedouin villages of the Negev.

This past year we were fortunate to bear witness to the impact that a decade and a half of status quo challenging programming is yielding. Our initial child beneficiaries are today's programme participants and organisational employees. Tent alumni hold key positions in social change and civil society organisations, as well as incorporating their social activism with flourishing careers in diverse fields.

An important factor contributing to the success of our volunteer programmes are the strategic partnerships forged over the years. We collaborate with institutions of higher education (from which our student volunteers are recruited), Bedouin municipalities, community centres, the Israeli Ministry of Education, Bedouin and Jewish primary and secondary schools, and with NGOs such as Ashoka, the Israel Chess Association, the Israel Scouts Movement, Merchavim, and others.

AJEEC-NISPED is proud to partner with Children of Peace to promote our joint goals of sustainable community development on behalf of children at risk in disadvantaged populations experiencing economic, political, and social marginalisation."

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"Children, the
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