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Children of Peace

Children of Peace is proud of our worldwide Youth Ambassador Programme, led by "Angel of Mostar" Sally Becker and Mahmoud Jabari. We welcome young people from around the world to participate, aged between 13 and 25 years. In this article, Clara Jones a UK based Youth Ambassador writes about her work with the charity.


"Since becoming a Youth Ambassador, Children of Peace has opened my eyes to much more than just the facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Every new Youth Ambassador receives a Welcome Pack, including a copy of "Crossing Qualandiya" by Goodwill Ambassadors Shireen Anabtawi and Daniela Norris. After reading this powerful and moving book, I was shocked by the ideas and morals that are imposed on children from such a young age about who are the 'goodies' and the 'baddies'.

However, the book also amazed me by the open dialogue that was possible between civilians of both communities. Having spoken to people involved in Children of Peace from both Palestine and Israel, they confirm the thought that the two communities could one day start a sincere dialogue and the idea of a peaceful Middle East seems increasingly achievable.

Although the conflict is something often debated and talked about on the news, the forgotten victims - the future generation - don't seem to be attracting the same attention. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to be involved in this charity.

I saw a logic and a sense in the approach Children of Peace took to helping in the Middle East. As a Youth Ambassador, I can see the impact that my work is making, even if it's only a small bit at a time.

This programme has also given me the chance to talk to other Youth Ambassadors from around the world and share our ideas - whether it's about what cakes we are going to bake for the next cake sale or the Children of Peace recent updates.

All Youth Ambassadors have been assigned an individual mentor and tasked with a goal, the current one being the winter appeal for Hope Flowers School*. Each of us aiming to send one child to Hope Flowers School for a year although I think it's in all of our interests to send as many as possible! To do this, I have baked flapjacks and shortbread and spoken at the end of concerts and events asking for donations. I even plucked up the courage to go and speak to my head teacher and parish priest regarding letting me organise fundraising events in the school and make an appeal to my church congregation.

Children of Peace is an organisation that has opened my eyes to the daily struggles of innocent children and I look forward to working with them to create positive change in the future."

*Clara has opened a Just Giving page to fundraise for up to 20 children's education at Hope Flowers School, Palestinian West Bank. See more information on our Youth Ambassador Programme.

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