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Children of Peace

Children of Peace endorses this vital humanitarian project - the Gaza Toy Drive. The tragic violence taking place between Israel and Hamas (July 2014) only serves to remind us of the desperate plight of Gazan children.

A full 50 percent of the Gaza population are children under 15 years of age, living in one of the most densely populated places on earth with some 4,091 people per square kilometre. Infant mortality is 26 per 1000 births out of a population of 1.1 million. Of particular concern is children's health with only 38% of households connected to a sewage system.


One of the project organisers Ahmed Salti tells us more:

"We are a group of three individuals, supported by people from all walks of life, connected by a strong dedication to the children of Palestine through our experience of spending time in Gaza and the West Bank, through extensive reading and also through daily contact with the people of Gaza in particular the young people and their families.

Each of us come from diverse backgrounds - from mental health and Mindfulness therapy, art and web design and use of these disciplines in working with children, knowledge of human rights and international politics  - and we share a joint empathic ability to connect with people of all ages.  I also speak Arabic, which is a great help in our work.

We have been lucky to date, to secure the support of many people who also respect the need for peace in children's lives and we look forward to the support of many more individuals and international groups so as to secure the maximum potential for this child based project that seeks only to bring some semblance of normalcy to the lives of children who have suffered, and continue to suffer from too much fear and uncertainty and ongoing traumatic stress disorder.

We are aware that the situation in Gaza is delicate and we will work with all authorities to assure that we are a non-political group whose focus is solely on humanitarian work in a law-abiding manner.

We thank you for considering lending us your support and can guarantee that the only approach that we will bring to Gaza will be evidenced in the delivery of toys, clothes and books and time spent with families and groups in delivering all of the items kindly donated."

For more information and to support the organisers of the Gaza Toy Drive, please see this Facebook page.


Photo: Jennifer Miftaroska

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"Children, the
forgotten victims
of the conflict"

Please make a positive
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