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Children of Peace is delighted to welcome 15 year old Bethany Hare as our new Youth Ambassador for Music.

It is an important role as Bethany will represent Children of Peace at key moments and important events.

Her commitment to social justice is matched by her remarkable talent as a singer.

You can listen to Bethany's memorable performance of "Cry Me a River" here: watch?v=UHkHpY0rvww

In this article, Bethany tells us:

"My name is Bethany Hare and I am 15 years of age.

I began fundraising when I was just ten. My inspiration for charity work came from performing in a show to support a children's hospice in Yorkshire. The organiser of the show asked the children taking part to try and find a poem or a reading to encourage people to donate to the hospice. I researched and found that the hospice had a book which was written by children who had stayed there. I bought a copy of the book and could not put it down. The book inspired me to read more about the hospice and I learned that it costs £12,000 a year to run. I decided to help.

I made a short Charlie Chaplin style video on which I sang the song Smile. The video went viral and within two weeks I had raised £8,400. I then organised an event called the Walk of Smiles. I spoke to children in school assemblies and invited them to walk with me wearing outfits to make people Smile. On the day over 250 people turned up and another £10k was raised. I have never looked back since and although I am only 15, I know that fundraising and charity work will always be a big part of my life.

I try to support as many charities as possible by singing free of charge at events. It is through my singing that I have become involved with an amazing charity - Children of Peace. I am extremely honoured to have been given the role of Youth Ambassador for Music for this fantastic cause.

I believe that performing and fundraising really complement each other and I am delighted that my singing will play a part in helping to raise funds and awareness of Children of Peace. I hope to be able to perform at lots of Children of Peace events and use my music to help the charity in as many ways as possible.

Children of Peace aim to make a positive difference to the lives of Children who are suffering due to the conflict in Israel and Palestine. When I discovered that so many children are injured and suffering and that hundreds of babies are being born in shelters, it just made me feel strongly that I needed to become involved with this charity to hopefully help them achieve their goals - to make a positive difference to children's lives and to build peace.

I am extremely honoured to be able to play a part in this work for peace."

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Photo: Zoe Bell

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"Children, the
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