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Children of Peace is proud to announce that two new organisations have affiliated to our Coalition of Peace - now the single, largest peace network across the Middle East.

We welcome the inspirational Budo for Peace founded in 2004 by Danny Hakim.

And also a new affiliate is Creativity for Peace, founded in 2003 - a remarkable organisation that aims to empower girls and works to build friendship and understanding.

Budo for Peace (picture top of page, left)

Budo for Peace (BFP) is a Middle East based non-profit organization established in 2004 by Australian Martial Arts Master Danny Hakim.

The mission of BFP is to:

BFP's three main areas of activity are:

BFP successfully created an educational programme developed by pedagogical educators and martial arts instructors. The curriculum integrates education with martial arts and its inherent code- of -conduct, and provides children from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to interact and bond.

In 2013, BFP had an external evaluation of its programme and its instructors. The result taken over 6 groups of 20 student members showed that 80% of the students saw their instructor as a positive role model for life.

BFP has four dedicated clubs and 16 affiliated clubs throughout Israel, East Jerusalem, Jordan and Turkey. The youth from these clubs are from different ethnic communities such as Bedouin, Jewish, Ethiopian migrants, Druze, Arab Christian and Muslim.

BFP conducts youth leadership programs throughout the year.

Since 2007, BFP has been sending its best youth leaders to participate in the Peace Camp Initiative a three week sports summer camp in the US    

In January 2014, BFP sent two youth leaders to the 8th UNOSDP Youth leadership camp in Tokyo .

In May 2014, BFP inaugurated the first ever MIDDLE EAST PEACE RUN.

Danny Hakim tells us "Children of Peace is a natural partner for BFP as we have common goals. BFP can build connections through sport and martial art channels that already exist in the region. BFP plans to make the Middle East Peace Run an annual event, working together with partners such as Children of Peace."

For more details, go to…

Creativity for Peace (picture top of page, right)

Frances Salles, Director of Operations at Creativity for Peace tells us about their work:

"Since its founding in 2003, Creativity for Peace has held 15 summer camps for over 200 Israeli and Palestinian girls. In New Mexico, a safe space away from the conflict, dialogue facilitated by women peacemakers from the region and art therapists, gives the girls an opportunity to meet their enemies, shares their stories, hopes, and fears, and create friendships that will endure the rigours of occupation and conflict. A year round support programme assists girls to maintain their cross border friendships when they go home.

The Young Leader programme, established in 2006, provides ongoing training for our most committed participants. These young women have spoken at the UN, to Congress and to international governments.  They run school dialogues, work with children, and organise youth volunteers. 2014 saw the launch of ACT! Action for Conflict Transformation, taking dialogue into social action.

Our Transforming Conflict work in US high schools educates American youth about the situation in Israel and Palestine, creates and international peer-community for our Young Leaders, and teaches basic principles of non-violence.

As we look ahead we seek to take our message of hope to more Israeli and Palestinian youth, through Young Leader led peace-oriented actions using dialogue, art, and social media. We are excited to partner with Children of Peace, knowing that together our voices are stronger. We believe all children deserve to grow up free from fear and the traumatic effects of war, and we honour the power of girls and Young Women to transform their societies."

President and Founder of Children of Peace, Richard Martin says:

" We are privileged to welcome these two extraordinary organisations to the Children of Peace family.  Our peace network gives us all courage, support and strength to meet the daily challenges that face us. We all work in a difficult terrain and together we can work to protect children, empower girls and women and build connections between former enemies to open up dialogue, contact and greater understanding".

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