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HH Princess Inaara,
The Begum Aga Khan



Dame Judi Dench

Dr. Sentamu,
Archbishop of York

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David Cameron’s message

The British Prime Minister describes our work as "excellent" and he commends our achievements in the following official statement:
"For peace and stability in the Middle East, it is important that the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians live and work side by side. Charities such as Children of Peace play an important role in increasing understanding and tolerance, and helping to ensure long term peace. We wish them continued success."

Dame Judi Dench’s message

"Children of Peace is engaged in a noble cause - to protect all children in Israel and Palestine, regardless of culture, faith, gender or heritage. It is a cause for peace and reconciliation that I support with all my heart. I applaud them in their work and I am honoured to become a Patron."

Pope Francis message

"The Holy Father will remember your intentions in his prayers and he invokes upon you God's blessings of joy and peace."

Palestinian Envoy’s message

Professor Hassassian said, "It gives me a great honour to support Children of Peace, an organization that works to alleviate the misery of children and which hopes to lay the foundations of reconciliation, harmony and peace by striving to create an environment for coexistence, cohabitation and conviviality between Palestinians and Israelis. I wish them all the success in their noble mission of securing peace for all."

Joe Biden's message

"As your organization has recognized, children are often overlooked victims of violent conflict, and too few efforts are focused on their particular needs. Generations of Israeli and Palestinian children have grown up with peace as an elusive dream. Supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process requires grassroots reconciliation through the mobilization of non-governmental organizations such as Children of Peace. I wish Children of Peace the best success in all of its endeavors as it continues to grow."

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"Children, the
forgotten victims
of the conflict"

Please make a positive
difference to the children’s
lives and to build peace.


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