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Richard Martin

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"If one person can change the world,
think what a thousand could do."


As I write, the Kerry Plan is about to be announced. After months of shuttle-diplomacy US Secretary of State John Kerry, his team and the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are working hard to find common ground in this six decade long impasse.

There is much at stake. Outside interests with their own agendas - often driven by bigotry - stoke up the alienation and tension, resolving nothing. The hatemongers offer no solutions but create further division and mistrust as each side feels morally justified to hold their entrenched positions. Without openness, exchange, dialogue, contact, understanding and peace - extremism flourishes.

In Israel and Palestinian, children are paying a disproportionate price for over sixty years of conflict. Many live in a perpetual war zone, frightened and stressed by the uncertain outcome of arbitrary violence. Children from both communities have lost loved ones, experience extreme anxiety, suffer from mental and physical health problems and have worryingly high levels of childhood disease and illness.

Let us all hope for peace in the Middle East in 2014 for the sake of future generations.

In this update one of our distinguished Patrons, Dr Sentamu the Archbishop of York has sent us his personal message of support.

In other news, we announce that Peace Now has joined as an affiliate and as part of the Coalition of Peace - our growing peace hub in Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and the West Bank. Youth Ambassador Clara Jones talks about her experiences as one of our worldwide Youth Ambassadors and our latest interview is with Yousef Awad from the Jenin Creative and Cultural Center, Palestinian West Bank - an affiliate of Children of Peace.

Protecting the children and hearing their voice is our priority. We need your support to help us to make that happen. Please donate to Children of Peace.

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"Children, the
forgotten victims
of the conflict"

Please make a positive
difference to the children’s
lives and to build peace.

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