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Our humanitarian projects are designed to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children in Israel and Palestine, whilst building trust, peace and friendship between communities. Grants are primarily targeted to organisations (community based, grassroots or non-governmental) in the ‘region’ that are aligned to Children of Peace as affiliates within our Coalition of Peace network. The ‘region’ refers to Gaza, Israel and the West Bank plus Jordan and Lebanon.

We will consider groups outside of the region who are affiliates of Children of Peace and intend to provide support for recognised organisations within the region. The Coalition of Peace is a network of affiliate organisations in North America, Asia, Europe and specifically Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank who share our commitment to peace, dialogue, tolerance and co-existence, together with the protection of children in Israel and Palestine, regardless of community, culture, faith, gender or heritage.

Children of Peace supports programmes in conflict reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children (Christians, Jews, Muslims including Assyrians, Bedouins, Circassians, Copts, Druze, Falashas, Maronites, Samaritans and Sufis) with an emphasis on peace and co-existence projects that benefit children and youth aged 4-17 through shared arts, education, health and sports programmes, so that both communities might one day live in peace, side-by-side.

Funding Priorities and Philosophy

Children of Peace is only interested in funding projects that target children age 4-17, who reside in Israel or in Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank).

Children of Peace will consider funding projects that fulfil some or all of the following criteria...


Children of Peace receives many hundreds of applications for funding each year. The Trustees ask for your patience, as the application process is lengthy. The charity will only consider applications from affiliated organisations or groups who belong to our Coalition of Peace by April 1st each year for submission to our Grants Committee.

Only a limited number of applicants will receive funding each year. If you do not receive approval for your funding request, you can reapply for a different project in future.

Children of Peace currently supports groups, individuals and organisations in Israel or Palestine through the following Grants:

Children of Peace Small Core Fund Grant

Children of Peace is well aware of the difficulties facing many small grassroots organisations in Israel and Palestine in sourcing core or operational funding from large international bodies. Core funding can often be the life blood of small local community groups who depend on voluntary assistance. We recognise the importance of such groups and will consider small grants to cover operational and running costs for affiliates who work closely within our recognised objects and provide essential assistance to beneficiaries that fall within our guidelines.

Abir Aramin Girls Annual Bursary

This is an educational grant provided to either a) one ten year old Israeli and one ten year old Palestinian girl or b) one Palestinian school and one Israeli school with the proviso that the school will select one different ten year old Israeli and one different ten year old Palestinian girl to receive the award each year on a once-off annual basis at the discretion of the Board of Trustees to benefit a high achieving girl living in a situation of economic deprivation, to support their educational endeavours and to assist the recipient in reaching a higher level of attainment and achievement. The Award is in honour of the memory of Abir Aramin, the ten year old daughter of Goodwill Ambassador Bassam Aramin. Abir died in a tragic incident in East Jerusalem in January 2007.

Children of Peace Small International Fund Grant

This Fund offers Grants of up to £5000 (UK sterling) to assist groups within the region or outside of the region dedicated to assisting economically deprived or disadvantaged children and youth (aged 4-17) and their communities in Gaza, Israel or the West Bank in the arts, education, health or sports projects and/or programmes that operate within our notions of peaceful coexistence, the protection of all children regardless of faith, gender or heritage.

Grant Guidelines - what we will not fund

We will not fund work that has already taken place, or continuation funding for an existing project or projects which do not have a direct benefit to the region. Nor will we fund organisations that do not share our aims or objectives or that are proscribed by the UN, the Government of the United Kingdom or the European Union. We will not provide grants to individuals; scholarships, apart from beneficiaries of our Children of Peace Scholarship Programme (the Abir Aramin Girls Bursary); budget deficits; for specific religious purposes and we will not accept more than one proposal at a time from the same organisation.

We will not fund projects unless clear evidence is provided to show that this programme or project will function properly through the shared financial support of other funders or the organisation itself should the target funding not be fully met by Children of Peace.

We will not fund needs analysis for projects, beneficiaries outside of our regional remit, sole traders, profit-making organisations, investment schemes, business or employment services or organisations in demonstrably poor financial health.

Who can apply for a grant

Agencies applying must be officially recognised as affiliates of Children of Peace, and…

Application Process

The Grant Application process as a two-stage process and is designed to be clear and precise.

Requests are considered by our Grants Committee each April and must go through a vetting process to ensure full compliance with our stated requirements.

Applicants will also be checked for any contentious links and must comply with international regulations, standards and banking requirements.

Stage One

Organisations seeking funds are asked to submit a brief letter, addressed to our Chairman at our Head Office (two/three pages):

Richard Martin,

Chairman and Founder,

Children Of Peace,

Head Office,

Suite 4, Quarry House,

Mill Lane, Uckfield, East Sussex.

TN22 5AA


At this first stage, there is no need for a formal application form. The letter must provide a very brief statement of the history and mission of the applicant organisation, including number of years in operation, other areas of activity, applicant's qualifications for support, annual operating budget, and previous and current sources of funding. First Stage applicants letters to the Chairman must only be sent between 31st January to 20th March in any given year, for consideration. Letters received outside of this period will not be accepted for processing. Projects must therefore relate to activities planned at least six months on from any First Stage application.

The applicant must provide full banker's references and appropriate information to enable Children of Peace to examine and interpret your financial arrangements, history and probity.

You must provide detailed information on the project that requires our support together with its aims, time-frame; anticipated impact; evaluation; project budget and the amount requested from Children of Peace; and other funding sources. You must demonstrate how your project/programme will support the work of Children of Peace and enhance the lives of the beneficiaries.

We are unable to review any supplemental materials accompanying your Letter of Introduction, such as books, videos, cassettes, DVDs etc. Please do not send any materials beyond those specifically requested by Children of Peace.

Stage Two

If your application reaches First Stage Approval after making your submission, only successful applicants will be contacted and asked to provide more detailed information to the Grants Committee through a Second Stage Formal Application process.

This entails completing a Children of Peace Grant Application Form for approval by the full Grants Committee.

Where feasible, a meeting or site visit may be arranged. Applicants will be notified as promptly as possible of the Grant Committees' decisions, subject to the significant increase in applications. The decision by the Grants Committee is deemed as final.


Children of Peace acts as an intermediary and will closely monitor the progress of every programme or project we have funded. We follow rigorous procedures to ensure that our objects are met and that beneficiaries are supported as required by our principles, aims and objects. We will evaluate all activities and progress towards your outcomes during the life of the grant and this will include requests for regular reports and submissions and the requirement of a system or framework of monitoring your own progress, which will need to be agreed by us. Local, on the ground visits, evaluation processes including financial controls and good governance will be part of this requirement.

Any questions?

If you have any questions prior to making your grant application to us, please email us at:

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